The Founders

John Davis (1948-2013), The Founder
Linda Davis, Co-Founder
David Jennings (1954-2014) , Co-Founder

Executive Management

Chris Chartrand, President and CEO
Larry Klemme, CFO and COO
Mark Davis, Executive VP of Mechanical Product Development and Support
Dennis Sheirs, Executive VP of Chemical Product Development and Support
Gus Falgien, VP of Sales and Marketing
Del Warren, VP of Kegel Training Center

Sales / Technical Support

Terry Owens, Director of Technical Support
Bud Dacheux, Technical Sales Specialist
Eric Pierson, Technical Support
Doug Dukes, Technical Sales Specialist
Steve Cross, Technical Support
John Janawicz, Technical Support
Pat Esposito, Technical Support
Derrin Davis, Technical Support
Mike Purdy, Specto Sales and Service
Don Agent, Kegel Pinsetter Parts
Bill Walters, Kegel Pinsetter Parts

Customer Service

April Berneche, Customer Service Supervisor
Lori Resmondo, Customer Service Representative
Desiree Negron, Customer Service Representative