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John Thrift - Director of Mechanical Product Development and Support

Starting with Kegel in 1999, John started building lane machines in our manufacturing division and quickly learned all lane machines. Soon after John started organizing and helping in all areas of manufacturing which lead him into the role of Lane Machine Production Supervisor for 3 years. From there he advanced to Quality Control Manager where he served as the final say for all completed Kegel lane machines. Today John has moved up to managing Kegel's industry leading Technical Support department. John, much like his colleague Terry Owens, provides a level of understanding and depth far beyond his years. If you ever need assistance with your lane machine, don't hesitate to call Kegel's award winning Tech Support department because like everyone on our team, John is here to help.

Eric Pierson – Director of Technical Support

Eric Pierson leads the team of Kegel Techs which offers 24/7 support to bowling centers worldwide. In addition to his in office duties, Pierson joins several other employees at Tournaments and Championship Events to provide lane maintenance support on behalf of Kegel. Pierson first became involved in the bowling industry at age 17, working as a Junior Instructor. From 1998-2007, he was hired as a contractor on the lane maintenance crew for tournaments including the Open Championships and Junior Gold. He performed lane maintenance duties as well as worked on pattern development for the events. From 2007-2014, Eric began working full time for USBC and spent a majority of that time serving as the Director of Tournaments. His tournament work included the USBC Women's Championships, USBC Masters, USBC Queens, and USBC Senior Queens.

Steve Cross - Technical Support

Steve has worked in the bowling industry for over 36 years. Before coming to Kegel 23 of those years were invested in customer service, pro shop operations, private instruction and support of AMF machines. For 10 years he was the PBA's lane maintenance director. In 1997 Steve started here at Kegel where he has directed lane maintenance for tournaments around the world and co-founded the Kegel Mobile Support Vehicle. Steve's vast experience with lane machine research & development, technical support, and pattern theory/development makes Steve an icon among laneman. He even has his own T-Shirt!

John Janawicz - Technical Support


John (JJ) is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a degree in Business Administration and has worked with Kegel since 1998. During his tenure JJ has traveled extensively managing lane maintenance for the PBA Tour as well as the European Bowling Tour and many worldwide Federation Championships Kegel is involved with. His involvement in pattern theory development here at Kegel makes him a well-rounded technician and master pattern theorist. He has been in the bowling industry since 1989 and brings the competitive side of bowling to the table being a 5-time Team USA member. JJ made history in 2004 when he shot an 858, the highest singles score ever shot in the USBC Open Championships history at the time as was also on the record-setting Lodge Lanes Too team that shot 3538 at the 2013 USBC Open Championships. JJ's goal is to create and uphold a fair playing field for the sport of bowling around the world.

Terry Owens - Technical Support and Sales

Starting with Kegel in 2000, Terry started building lane machines in our core manufacturing division. He quickly learned all lane machine systems and advanced to Quality Control Manager where he served as the final say for all completed lane machines. Terry provides a level of understanding and depth far beyond his years. He keeps a cool head and steady hand in times of trouble and now will travel the world technically supporting Kegel's distribution network. Like his colleague Steve Cross says, "He's here to help!"

Pat Esposito - Technical Support

Pat started with Kegel in 2010 building lane machine sub-assemblies in manufacturing and he quickly moved up to the main assembly line. From that time until 2015, Pat has helped build every lane machine that we have produced. As his knowledge of lane machines progressed, Pat moved up to the tech support office where he now takes customer service calls, rebuilds lane machines, and assists in Quality Control.

Bud Dacheux - Technical Sales Specialist

Bud brings over 16 years of experience working on lane machines from Bowler's Supply Company of York PA, where he specialized in Kegel products. Based in Las Vegas, Dacheux visits and assists bowling centers across the west coast. He has performed many upgrades from tune up's to full machine rebuilds, holds training sessions, gives lane pattern assistance and improves your bowling center's overall lane maintenance program. Bud has the eye and experience to take your equipment to the next level.

Doug Dukes - Technical Sales Specialist

Doug has been in the bowling industry since 1998 and worked as Pro Shop Owner and Operator before moving onto the mechanical side of the business. From there, he took on a management role and ran his local bowling center for 10 years before joining Kegel. Doug also has an impressive record as the Assistant Coach for the University of Maryland Eastern Shore Women's bowling team. Over 8 years, he helped the school earn 4 National Titles and 4 Conference Championships. Through his membership in the Mechanics Guild, an educationally focused organization, Dukes is able to share his extensive knowledge of pinsetter mechanics. Doug brings a great blend of lane maintenance and pinsetter experience along with a unique coaching background.