1. Choose Kegel for RESEARCH - 3 Full Time chemists are on staff at Kegel to continue searching for a better solution. Our products are developed by bowlers for bowlers.

2. Choose Kegel for QUALITY - All lane conditioners are manufactured with the highest grade ingredients delivering the highest quality products.

3. Choose Kegel for CONSISTENCY - Samples are taken from each batch at the beginning, middle, and end for rigorous testing in the lab. Then we employ a bowler full time to bowl on every batch before it leaves our facility.

4. Choose Kegel for VARIETY - Each conditioner introduced isn't better because it's new. It was developed for a specific reason and to be compatible with specific lane machine technology. There's a perfect match for everyone.

5. Choose Kegel for PERFORMANCE - 3 out of 5 in the United States must know something. They know if they're looking for the best performing conditioners, the choice is Kegel.

6. Choose Kegel for SERVICE - No other chemical manufacturer employs 4 full time technicians in-house to assist you with all your lane pattern needs. When you call Kegel, you talk to a person, not a machine.

7. Choose Kegel for VALUE - Our conditioners often require less volume for better performance resulting in a lower per lane cost than our competition.

8. Choose Kegel for FAMILY - When you do business with Kegel, you're buying more than just a case of lane conditioner. You become part of a family that loves bowling and is committed to helping its customers.

9. Choose Kegel for FUTURE - We've only just begun. We've made great progress in conditioners, but the best is yet to come.

10. Choose Kegel for BOWLING! - Kegel is committed to bowling. Each year we invest over 1 million dollars in growing the sport of bowling, which ultimately helps you grow. Invest in the company that invests in you.

Ultimately, Choose Kegel for YOU!
Running a bowling center is complicated enough. Download your worries about lane maintenance to the experts at Kegel and we'll take care of the rest.

Call us today for a FREE sample of Lane Conditioner designed specifically for your lane machine and receive expert lane pattern consultation.

US Toll Free: 1 (800) 280-2695 or +1 (863) 734-0200


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