The year marks Kegel's 35th Anniversary in business.

Linda Davis, co-founder and wife of company founder John Davis, redeems her share of ownership in the LLC, leaving the Mitchell family as the sole shareholders of Kegel.


Curve Lane Conditioner

In response to the desire for more frictional lane conditioners and less sensitive pattern adjustments, Curve Lane Conditioner is introduced to the market.


Kegel revolutionizes the bowling industry with the release of the new FLEX and FLEX Walker. The FLEX Lane Machines are the first to feature Kegel's DUO technology which combines Sanction Technology® with dual conditioner cartridges.

Kegel launches Fire and Ice, two lane conditioners designed to be pinsetter and house ball friendly while also delivering a high level of durability.




Kegel returns to our roots and officially launches Kegel Pinsetter Parts. Using high quality materials and a team of experienced Pinsetter Mechanics, we strive to provide products that are innovative and durable.

The Mechanics Guild, a group of high level mechanics, is founded. Each member brings skills from their individual background to advance their trade through education and mentoring.


The year marks Kegel's 30th Anniversary in business.


Fizzion Pet Cleaner

Based off of our revolutionary bowling lane tablet product, Kegel launches a tablet Pet Stain and Oder product called Fizzion. Household Fizzion won numerous awards in 2009 including: "Editor's Choice Award" for Pet Product News; Modern Dog's "Best Pick for Under $20" and Modern Dog's "Green Pick Award".


The World's First Battery Powered Combination lane machine the Kustodian ION is introduced at Bowl Expo in Orlando.

Kegel launches a robust new website which includes better navigation, a fully stocked pattern library, and a distributor portal.

Kegel celebrates its 25 Year Anniversary.


Infinity becomes the next generation Sanction Technology only lane conditioner to hit the market after Offense HV.


The next generation of the popular Kustodian lane machine, the Kustodian Plus, is released. It features Kegel's newly patented "sprayless" cleaning system which eliminates cleaner overspray in a bowling lane's gutters keeping the bowling center cleaner.


Kegel moves to a brand new 72,000 sq ft facility in Lake Wales, Florida and brings along the new Kegel Training Center featuring 12 fully adjustable lanes - the world's first and only of its kind.

Kegel Training Center opens in the Philippines. Kegel sponsors the High Roller Bowler of the Year Award given to the top bowler in 3 different categories.



Kegel launches many web initiatives including a new company website and the Kegel Online Support Forum.

The addition of C.A.T.S. to our testing will help reveal many unknowns and speculations about ball speed, trajectory and angle of entry & ultimately translating to ball reaction forecasting.

Lane Maintenance Central updates the Mobile Support Vehicle to a 30' ft trailer stocked with all the parts necessary to completely rebuild any type of lane machine from the ground up.


Sanction Technology becomes available at an affordable price with the new Kustodian™. A simpler version of The Sanction Standard, The Kustodian uses a smaller processor to lower the cost making Sanction Technology easier to justify for bowling centers of all sizes - the machine becomes the highest selling lane machine of all time.

KBT releases Offense™ to compliment the very popular Defense™ line of conditioner. Offense is the first conditioner manufactured using "High Shear Dispersion" mixing technology.


Sanction Standard

Kegel introduces The Sanction Standard™ which is Kegel's most advanced lane machine to date. It was designed utilizing years of customer feedback.


We introduced the 28' Kegel Mobile Support Vehicle giving Kegel technicians the ability to visit bowling centers and provide service to their lane machine on-site.

Kegel opens Kegel Bowling Technologies (KBT), which is the chemical manufacturing division of Kegel. KBT launches its first line of lane conditioners - Defense™, which helps bowling centers combat the aggressiveness of the modern bowling ball.

Kegel continues its busy year by forming the Foundation, a membership organization created to help return integrity to the sport of bowling by performing research and education in order to help standardize bowling worldwide.

Kegel opens The Kegel Training Center otherwise known as HERBIES - Bowling Center in the Sky. This private 10-lane facility is the first of its kind and features State-of-the-Art Technology that takes the learning experience to another level. Kegel aims to learn as much as possible about the ever-changing bowling environment to help provide bowlers with a fair and equitable lane condition.



The DBA® Arrow™ is released to give centers an economical strip-only machine to compliment the DBA® Excel™ and the DBA® Dart™.

Kegel reintroduces Sanction Technology in the DBA® Phoenix-S™ Tournament Edition, also sold as the Sanction Machine II™. This combination Sanction Technology machine helps jump-start Kegel's dream of having a common standard in bowling.


Kegel adds the fourth lane machine to its lineup with the DBA® Dart™. This is the most economical machine that Kegel has ever designed. The DBA® Dart™ targets small centers and is also used for run fill patterns. Kegel takes control of lane maintenance industry with the introduction of The DBA® Phoenix™. This is the first combination machine by Kegel, which has the ability to clean and condition a lane in one minute.

The release of the DBA® Excel™ offers bowling centers a more affordable option to condition their lanes with. This oil only machine conditions similar to the DBA® LaneWalker™ only it does not include the walking function.



Kegel compliments the DBA® LaneWalker™ with the addition of the DBA® LaneWalker LCM™. It is used to clean the lanes before the DBA® LaneWalker™ follows and conditions.


Kegel teams up with DBA® to help market, sell, and promote lane machines designed by Kegel. Kegel develops and releases the DBA® LaneWalker™. This revolutionary lane machine moves from lane-to-lane all by itself. This technology allows lane maintenance personnel to focus on other responsibilities while the machine does all the work.


Kegel begins selling The Sanction™ Machine. It is the first lane machine designed by Kegel and also the first lane machine to feature Kegel's patented Sanction Technology.


The Kegel Bowling Center is a Bowler's Journal International Award Winner for Renovation and Design.


Kegel introduces NPS™ - No Pin Slide to help solve the problem of sliding pins on the pin-deck. Kegel releases "The Master Key™", which is a more affordable and efficient model of the initial "Key™" design.


Kegel's Founder, John Davis, purchases Ridge Lanes located in Sebring Fl, and renames it The Kegel Bowling Center.


"The Key™" Lane Cleaning Tool is introduced to the bowling world. It successfully helps bowling centers clean their lanes quickly and economically.