Are you tired of unrolling used lane cleaning cloth? Kegel cleaner cloth with EZ Core Technology is the answer. Simply Toss out the used cloth, tape on the new, then twist and go! Changing lane cleaning cloth has never been easier.

K2 Select Cleaning Cloth

  • For both Sanction® Technology and Wick Lane Machines.

  • Designed for easy installation and a time saver

  • Color: White

  • Core Color: White

  • Roll dimensions: 43” wide x 20 yards long

  • Part Number: 153-0047EZ

  • Shipping Weight: 16 lbs. (7.2 kg)

  • Packaging: 4 rolls per case

K3 Select Cleaning Cloth

  • Clean up to 50% more lanes before changing rolls

  • Compatible with: Kustodian Plus and later model lane machines (Not compatible with Crossfire Lane Machines)

  • Designed for quick and easy installation.

  • Save time and minimize wasted cloth

  • Color: White

  • Core Color: Orange

  • Roll dimensions: 43” wide x 30 yards long

  • Part Number: 164-0047EZ

  • Shipping Weight: 16 lbs. (7.2 kg)

  • Packaging: 3 rolls per case