Lane maintenance just became
more Komfortable.

With Kegel, you get more than just a new lane machine, you get a partner.
Best of all, it won’t cost you extra.

24 Hour Tech Support

Tired of being forced into e-mail or having to provide your credit card for tech support? We are too. That's why it's our culture to make sure you'll have a person to talk to 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Emergency Lane Maintenance calls will be answered immediately or returned in 30 minutes or less...guaranteed.


Simplify your maintenance routine with this online lane machine management tool. Receive maintenance reminders, easily access manuals, service bulletins, and help videos, or quickly request parts from your preferred distributor.

myKegel is customized for your Bowling Center and lane machine.

Bonus Warranty

With the Kegel Komfort Program, you will receive an additional bonus warranty when you agree to only use Kegel lane maintenance products in your lane machine.