Stop Paying to Ship Water!

Overview - New Formula!

Bowling's first tablet lane cleaner just got better!  The new smaller tablet dissolves 20% faster and the cleaning performance now compares to the top-selling Defense-C.  This mild cleaner quickly dissolves in water making the same perfect batches of lane cleaner every time and saves you money by reducing shipping costs over liquid lane cleaners.

Part Number 156-8500B


  • Can be used in all lane machines.
  • For use on all types of synthetic and wood lanes.
  • Just drop the tablets into water for a perfect mix, every time.

Technical Specifications: (Physical Properties)

  • pH - 7.4
  • Appearance - White Tablet
  • Scent - Citrus
  • Tablet Weight - 42 g
  • Shipping Weight: 12 lbs. per case (4 bags/case)
  • Packaging: 24 tablets/bag (4 bags/case = 96 tablets total)

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