William Pike

Tech Tip: Interlock Probe

Over a period of years, especially if the mounting bolt has been running loose, the probe can begin to bind if bolt is tightened completely. To correct this, add a #10 s. a. e. flat washer on each side of the spacer. This will give new meat for the spacer to tighten against and will decreases surface tension for the bronze bushing.

Note: This is also handy to convert the old style X-washer pin to the bolt and spacer. Just add a long link bushing to each side to bushing up and a washer on each side.

Tech Tip: Interlock Probe Measurement: Pin Release Lever Set-up

In order to ensure the pin release lever is bent/formed correctly and has not become deformed over time, you must first determine what style of lever you have. You can do this by measuring around the outside. The newer versions measure 9 1/8“. If you have an older version, you can simply cut it down to correct length. Put a nice bevel on the cut lever.

Second, you should confirm that the measurement from outside to outside edge is 5 1/8”.

If you need to spread the lever you can lay it against a closed vice (as pictured) and spread the lever using a rubber or plastic hammer/mallet, but be very careful. To make the adjustment smaller, you can compress in a vice using small increments and re-measuring after each compression.