Kegel Lane Machine Upgrades

DUO Transfer System

The DUO Transfer System upgrade from the current transfer brush system makes machine maintenance even easier. By combining the transfer roller into the transfer brush system, not only does the DUO Transfer System eliminate the ability of dirt and dust to be trapped inside the system, it makes for improved pattern graphs. The DUO Transfer system also allows the conditioner to taper out of the buffer brush faster which makes going from pattern to pattern quicker and easier while providing even more control over the front-to-back taper of the oil pattern.

Original Transfer Brush System to DUO System Upgrade:

  • 158-8430F

Smoother Pad System to DUO System Upgrade:

  • 158-8430N - All painted machines only

Crossfire Upgrades

Upgrade your current base model Crossfire machine with these two available upgrades. The 8 wick pad and cam kit will increase the standard 6 wick pads to an 8 wick pad setup giving the operator more flexibility in designing patterns! And with the larger conditioning tank upgrade, you can now run up to 60 lanes; that’s 48 more lanes than the current 12 lane capacity.

Complete Upgrade:

  • 158-8241 (115V)

  • 158-8241E (230V)

  • Includes 8 Wicks with Cam Roller and Large Conditioner Supply Tank

Conditioner Tank Upgrade only:

  • 158-8215 (115V)

  • 158-8215E (230V)

8 Pad Wick & Cam Kit only:

  • 158-8214

Proximity Upgrades

With this upgrade, you will get away from the old style pass-through sensor and into the new, more reliable, proximity sensor that is used on all our current line of lane machines.

Lane Distance Sensor (LDS) Upgrade with Proximity Sensor

  • LDS (Right) - 154-8291 PXS-A, B

  • LDS (Center) - 154-8292 PXS-A, B | PX-A, B

  • LDS (Center) - 154-8672 STD


  • Tach (Internal) - 154-8289 PXS-A, B

  • Tach (External) - 154-8290 STD | PXS-A, B


  • Head Timing - 154-8673 STD | PXS-A, B


Kustodian Proximity and Relay Upgrades

With this upgrade, you will add external relays that will protect your PLC internal relays from the potential of locking up. With the A to C kit, you will also add the more reliable proximity sensors in place of the pass-through style sensor.

Kustodian Model A to C Upgrade Kit:

  • 154-8870 (Serial Number: KK-0600 through KK-0810)

Kustodian Model B to C Upgrade Kit:

  • 154-8871 (Serial Number KK-0811 through KK-0987)

Wheel and Caster Upgrades

Replace your existing 2” lane to lane caster with the larger 3” caster, and add the large 6” wheel and your lane machine will transition on and off the lane with ease.

6" Front Wheel Upgrade:

  • 158-8733 ION | KP-B

3" Caster Upgrade:

  • 158 -8731 KW | ION Model C and D
  • 158-8732 ION Model A and B | Kustodian Plus Model B
                    6" Front Wheel Upgrade

                    6" Front Wheel Upgrade

Transport Caster Upgrade:

This upgrade will widen the wheelbase of your existing machine and make it much more stable in the transport and storage position.

  • 154-8281 PXS-A, B | PX



LED Light Upgrade Kit for Supply Tanks:

Easily monitor the level of supplies on any machine with plastic molded tanks with this light that automatically illuminates when the splash guard is opened.

          Supply Tank LED Light Upgrade

  • 158-8672 KW | ION | KP-A, B


Oil Tank Upgrade Kit for PXS-A, B:

This upgrade will allow the operator to change the microliter per board setting without the hassle of lifting the machine. Best of all, the new durable plastic molded tank is "see through" so it is easy to check the oil level and perform preventative maintenance.

  • 154-8841


Power Button Relocation Kit:

Relocate the power button to the splash guard allowing for easy access to turn the unit on.

  • 158-8673 KW-D | ION-D


Complete Squeegee Cartridge Assembly:

Squeegee blade replacement is made easy with this upgrade. With this assembly, there is no need for silicone making the job of changing the blades less of a mess. Without having to wait for silicone to dry, you can replace your squeegee blades in a fraction of the time.

  • 164-8038



Handle Reinforcement Kit:

  • 154-8284 - KK | PXS | PX | KP | Ion A/B