Specto is a new tracking system for centers,  bowlers, and coaches. It records information about bowlers’ shots using a high-power sensor and displays it to them on an easy-to-use app.

Simply order a Specto system and allow your bowlers to use your Specto Lanes. Your bowlers will easily be able to connect to the Specto app to view their stats, perform practice drills on their own, or compete in challenges with friends and bowlers worldwide. This fun tool can help bowlers improve and create a buzz in your center.

Purchase your system today and put yourself on the Specto Map!


Specto for Centers


Tap into new revenue potential

  • Make practice profitable again by charging to practice on Specto lanes
  • Offer membership to your own Specto Club
  • Increase F&B sales as bowlers spend more time in your center
  • Center Dashboard gives you full control of Specto lanes

Help your bowlers improve

  • Create lifelong customers
  • Get bowlers excited about bowling in your center
  • Give bowlers 10 data points to measure performance or up to 35 data points with the special Coach’s Version
  • New practice options to increase skill levels

Increase exposure as a preferred center

  • Center listing on Specto app
  • Offer Specto use to local coaches

Easily add a Specto system to your center

  • Easy distributor installation
  • Visually appealing sensor with no supporting kiosks
  • Up to 6 lanes coverage

Easy to use for bowlers

  • Use with phones, tablets, or computers
  • Free app download for iOS and Android devices
  • For beginners to advanced bowlers

Entertainment options with Specto

  • Challenge mode for bowlers to test their skills
  • Compare yourself with bowlers worldwide on more than just your score

Bowlers can practice on their own

Specto for Bowlers

Improve your performance

  • Learn faster
  • Bowl better and gain confidence

Get a blueprint of your style of play

  • Measure performance on up to 10 data points or up to 35 data points with the special Coach’s Version
  • Evaluate your performance against players of all levels
  • Save, view, and compare your sessions at any time

Practice with a purpose

  • Skill drills designed by world class coaches
  • Deep practice modes for more intensive training
  • Measure performance and progress

Practice on your own

  • Use predetermined training modules
  • Share information with your coach for further evaluation
  • Challenge mode to test your skills

Connect and compete on more than just score

  • See where you rank against bowlers worldwide
  • Compete with your friends

Manage your arsenal

  • Evaluate exactly what each of your bowling balls do on the lanes
  • Define your equipment by knowing where they fit in relation to each other
  • Know how and when your equipment needs to be maintained

Easy to use

  • For phones, tablets, and computers
  • Free Specto app for iOS and Android devices
  • For beginners to advanced bowlers


Specto for Coaches

Quantify your student’s skill level objectively

  • Up to 35 data points from each shot
  • Accurately measure the perfomance of your bowlers
  • Define strengths and weaknesses
  • Provide simple or advanced training session reports
  • Innovative data capture – skid-hook-roll points
  • All data is stored in the cloud and available to view any time

Develop talent more effectively

  • Help your students develop skills faster by focusing on the areas that need improvement
  • Select fun and challenging practice drills for your students or create your own
  • Use proven deep practice options for more intensive learning
  • Verify the progress of your students with before and after reports

Practical and easy to use

  • Can be used with phones, tablets, and computers
  • Free Coaches’ app with advanced tools

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