In addition to KOSI PRO, Flex and Ikon lane machine owners are able to use our new Mobile Oil Pattern application - Kegel Pattern Library by Kegel LLC. The app is available to download from both the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.

When searching for the app on an iPad, be sure to have iPhone apps selected as this will only come up if iPhone is selected in the search. Users can be either a bowling center, a bowler, or even a coach, but all users will be required to create an account specifically for this app.


What do you want to bowl on today?

Download the Kegel Pattern Library app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

In order to download and upload patterns to your lane machine when using the Kegel Pattern Library app, a Kegel Wi-Fi kit is needed (see below). When using desktop KOSI, this Wi-Fi Kit will also allow you to communicate to your lane machine.

FLEX customers may need to update the thoughtware version within the PLC and Touchscreen.  Please contact Kegel Tech Support for assistance; or (800) 280-2695.

Wi-Fi Kit For FLEX and IKON Lane Machines

  • If you currently have Bluetooth in your lane machine, order;
    • Part # 164-8820 - Wi-Fi Adapter Replacement Assembly
  • If you do not have Bluetooth in your lane machine, order;
    • Part # 164-8821 - Wi-Fi Connectivity Kit

Hear more about the Kegel Oil Pattern Library app designed for iOS and Android devices.