Jogger Arm


Jogger Arm



Frustrated by alignment issues? Our Jogger Arm is the answer to this problem. The UHMW insert eliminates the need for the needle bearing and spacer. The needle bearings tend to wear over time due to the fact that they don’t make a full revolution. The hole in our design is always centered which cannot be done on a cast arm.  This combined with our precision machining helps you achieve perfect alignment.  This assembly is built from tough billet aluminum and also includes a rubber seal bearing. 


  • Eliminate the need for needle bearing and spacer
  • Consistent and accurate alignment
  • Precision machining

Technical Specifications::

  • Part Number: 162-8024
  • Replaces Part Number: 12-300163-000
  • Bearing: 162-9605
  • Snap Ring: 162-2404
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