New Products Released for 2015

At Bowl Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, we officially released our new products for 2015.  Included in this launch were the 2016 FLEX Lane Machines, Curve Lane Conditioner, and a line of Center Care products for the approach, pin deck, and throughout the bowling center.  In addition, 12 new oil patterns which make up the Landmark Pattern Series were announced.

The 2016 FLEX and FLEX Walker Lane Machines will include the same features as the original FLEX machines, such as a Sanction Technology™ conditioning system, patented cleaning system, and pre-filled/refillable dual conditioner cartridges. Special features for this new lane machine model will include an easy sliding detachable lid assembly and a pin deck treatment spray system.


In conjunction with the new lane machine, Kegel has released the Spot On Pin Deck Spray which helps prevent sliding pins.  Spot On can be used manually or inserted directly in your 2016 FLEX lane machine for simple application.

Curve Lane Conditioner is the first to feature Kegel’s custom G3 additive.  This additive was designed specifically for bowling lanes and allows Curve to deliver the most consistent ball motion frame after frame.  Curve gives you more hook when you want it and can be used in all Sanction Technology™ Lane Machines.

Kegel was happy to launch a new line of products to improve maintenance throughout the entire bowling center. These Center Care Products include a variety of buffing pads, mops, and accessories.

In order to keep up with evolving trends in the bowling environment, Kegel has released the Landmark Pattern Series, the next generation of oil patterns.  These 12 new patterns utilize the groundbreaking technology of the FLEX lane machine including variable buffer speed, multi-mic stream, and dual lane conditioner features. The Landmark Patterns are divided up into three levels of difficulty; Recreation, Challenge, and Sport to accommodate all bowlers’ skill levels.