If you are a mechanic, proprietor, or a bowler, KEGEL conducts many Lane Maintenance and Pattern Theory Seminars around the world.

Proprietors will learn how to keep your lanes in the best condition ensuring proper bowling conditions and maximizing your customer's satisfaction and retention. Mechanics will get helpful insight into proper lane maintenance procedures. Bowlers will learn about oil pattern building and characteristics, topography and its affects on ball motion, plus a whole lot more!

These seminars are packed with useful information so don't miss out on this educational opportunity!

Package Includes

  • Seminar Presentation
  • Kegel Product Folder & Instructional CD
  • Lunch

Topics Includes

  • Understanding the Entire Bowling Environment
  • Lane Machine Maintenance
  • Pattern Building and Theory
  • The Newest Upgrades and What They Do
  • Problem Solving
  • Question & Answer Session


Call your local distributor for times and pricing.