KOSI PRO software is like having a team of lane maintenance pros at your fingertips: pattern designer; customer support representative; lane maintenance trainer; and technician. This powerful program is included FREE with all Kustodian Lane Machines and can be easily loaded on to your center's laptop or desktop computer.

KOSI is the ultimate lane maintenance software tool available! Developed by Kegel for Kegel Lane Machines. Contact your nearest dealer for purchase information.


  • Multiple Language Support (English, Spanish, German, and Japanese)
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Watch maintenance videos that explain everything from daily operation all the way to advanced technical machine adjustments
  • Includes an electronic version of your operators manual
  • Includes data cable for downloading patterns in seconds
  • Automatic Updates via the Web
  • Microsoft Vista™ Compliant


Edit and Organize your Patterns:

Over 50 pre-loaded patterns - You get the most popular tournament patterns in the world to try, reshape and more. Create, edit and store thousands of patterns.

Pattern Wizard (Novice) - Select the right pattern for your center based on your needs.

Advanced Pattern Designer - Allows you to precisely create or adjust your lane patterns.

2 Different Graph Views - Overhead View for 3-D Simulation and Composite View for precise Oil per Board and Ratio Analysis.

Ultimate Website Support and Compatibility

KOSI PRO was designed together with www.kegel.net to allow seamless communication. When online with KOSI PRO you will be able to search, view and download hundreds of lane patterns, and get updates along with much more valuable information. This is another way we assure your lane maintenance success.

KOSI PRO is compatibile with

Designed to work with any Lane Machine with Sanction™ Technology including the following:

  • Kustodian Walker
  • Kustodian ION
  • Kustodian PLUS
  • Standard Elite PLUS
  • Sanction Standard Elite (Models A, B, C)
  • Phoenix-S (Models A, B, C)
  • DBA Phoenix-S
  • Kustodian (Models A, B, C)
  • The Sanction Machine II or Echo

Technical Specifications

Minimum installation requirements:

  • Pentium 233MHZ or Celeron 500MHZ CPU
  • Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher
  • 20x CDROM Drive
  • 32 MB RAM (64 MB recommended)
  • 100 MB available hard drive space
  • SVGA Monitor
  • 1 Serial Port


KOSI PRO Software with Wired Connection Kit

  • Domestic MSRP - FREE with Purchase of any Kegel Sanction Technology Lane Machine
  • International MSRP - FREE with Purchase of any Kegel Sanction Technology Lane Machine


Software Upgrades

Upgrade from KOSI 5 or KOSI 6 to KOSI PRO
Please contact Kegel for current pricing information for upgrades.


If you need assistance with KOSI or KOSI PRO, please contact our Technical Support Department.
Send a Message to Kegel (all messages are answered within 24 hours)
US Toll Free: 1 (800) 280-2695
International: +1 (863) 734-0200
Fax: +1 (863) 734-0204

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