Jerry Smith started his tenure in the bowling business at the age of 12; performing miscellaneous cleaning tasks at a 16 lane center in Seattle, Washington in exchange for free bowling. When he became of age, he started working the control desk, learning pro-shop skills and turning wrenches on Brunswick "A" Machines. He moved around the Seattle area working for different centers, learning new skills on AMF 8270s, and opening up a pro-shop in a 32 lane center. He was offered a position at the MGM Grand Lanes in Reno NV working the control desk, where he was promoted to Head Mechanic and Pro-Shop operator. They hosted the 1988 WIBC, which set the World Record for Entrant Participation in any woman's sporting event. The success of that tournament set the foundation for the construction of the National Bowling Stadium for which he was hired as the Assistant Director. β€œTo be involved in a project of that magnitude from groundbreaking to hosting major tournaments and events is truly one of the highlights of my career,” says Smith.

Years later he enjoyed a successful position as General Manager at a 32 lane center in Carson City NV. As the 2000's arrived, he moved back to Seattle, and with my wife Jodi, formed NorthWest BowlTech, a service company specializing in the repair and maintenance of bowling pinsetters and ancillary equipment. Their business has continued to grow and in 2012, he was honored by being named "Mechanic of the Year" by Bowling Center Management Magazine.