Changing Out Conditioners - Sanction Technology

KEGEL TECH TIP - The following is Kegel's recommended procedure for changing out lane conditioners in Kegel Sanction Technology lane machines.

  1. Remove the conditioner tank from the lane machine.

  2. Empty the conditioner tank into a container. Do not reuse the old conditioner.

  3. Remove the internal filter from the conditioner tank.

  4. Flush the conditioner tank out with your lane cleaner solution to get any leftover conditioner and debris out of tank. Repeat this step at least one more time.

  5. After the lane cleaner solution rinse, rinse the conditioner tank out with water until there are no more soap bubbles to ensure all lane cleaner residue is out of the tank.
    Note: Kegel recommends NOT USING isopropyl alcohol or any other solvent.

  6. Allow the conditioner tank to dry completely.

  7. Clean or replace the internal conditioner filter.

  8. Reinstall the internal filter using Teflon tape and a small amount of clear silicone around the threads.

  9. Reinstall the conditioner tank.

  10. Fill the conditioner tank with the new conditioner.

  11. Put the return line to the conditioner tank into a separate container and run the oil pump so that the old conditioner left in the lines will go into the container. This will force the old conditioner out of the conditioner tubing and replace it with the new conditioner while also keeping the old conditioner out of conditioner tank.

  12. Once all of the old conditioner is out of the conditioner tubing, reinstall the conditioner return line back onto the conditioner tank.

  13. Perform an oil volume output test five times into the separate container. This allows all of the conditioner to be removed from the pencil tip and conditioner tubing leading to the pencil tip.

  14. Before applying conditioner to the transfer system components, and depending on your machines oil application, clean the transfer brush, smoother pads or transfer rollers, and the buffer brush. No chemicals should be used to clean these items; just clean dry towels.

  15. Allow the conditioner pump to run and inspect all connections for any leaks.

  16. Check your conditioner volume output and conditioner pressure. Kegel suggests setting the conditioner pressure at 15 psi for machines with a CPM2A and C200 PLC’s. However, anywhere between the ranges of 10-20 psi is safe. Machines that have a CP1H PLC will run conditioner pressure NO lower than 15 psi and no higher than 45 psi. And remember, conditioner pressure and volume are independent of each other - pressure differences WILL NOT affect conditioner volume.

For questions or assistance, please contact Kegel Tech Support US Toll Free at (800) 280-2695 or e-mail at