• IBMA KEGEL Bowler of the Month

    Osku Palermaa, Finland, has been chose as the August 2014 Kegel Bowler of the Month by the International Bowling Media Association for his victory in the World Bowling Tour 11th Thailand Open.
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The Inside Line
What is "Waste" and Why You Should Care: When most people hear the word “waste” they automatically think of chemicals or construction materials. Read More...

Kegel Komfort Program
With Kegel, you get more than just a new lane machine, you get a partner. Best of all, it won’t cost you extra. Read More...

Kegel Pinsetter Parts - New Catalog Available!
New A-2 and GS parts available. Download the 2014-15 Kegel Pinsetter Parts Catalog today! Read More...

Phantom Radio
The Phantom interviews guests from throughout the bowling industry. Don’t miss the show! Read More...

Current Show: Phantom Radio 10-15-2014 John "Irishpogi" McLaughlin


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