Lane Machines

  • FLEX / FLEX Walker
    The FLEX and FLEX Walker, with DUO Technology, give you versatility, dependability, and accountability.
  • Kustodian ION
    The Kustodian ION is battery powered so you no longer need to hassle with the cord during use.
  • Kustodian PLUS
    The Kustodian PLUS is equipped with many improvements over the original Kustodian.
  • Crossfire
    Now smaller centers will be able to experience the high quality of a Kegel machine and all of the technical support that Kegel offers.
The DNA of a Kegel Lane Machine
Kegel didn't become the best overnight. We have perfected our manufacturing process over the past two decades. Here are a few reasons why no competitor can match the superior quality of a Kegel lane machine.
  • Made in the
    Every Kegel lane machine is carefully assembled by our highly skilled lane machine builders. At Kegel we take great pride in our workmanship and personally sign every machine.
  • Premium
    To build high quality machines you must use high quality parts. It's that simple. Kegel uses only premium components to build lane machines. Many have been time-tested for reliability and performance.
  • Research and Development
    Every lane machine from Kegel is the result of listening to the needs in the bowling industry. Kegel takes problems that exist in the sport of bowling, fully researches them, and creates products that deliver the solution.
  • Quality
    Before it leaves the factory, every new Kegel lane machine must go through quality control. This comprehensive inspection requires that 120 items are thoroughly checked. We also run each lane machine a minimum of 50 lanes to ensure dependability.
  • ISO 9001
    Kegel is the only ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of lane maintenance equipment. This certification requires that we follow a very strict standard for documentation and process control to ensure the quality of everything we make.
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